Calender of Courses at Orchard Barn


20th October Spoon Carving

20th October Natural Building Experience

19th October Introduction to Timber Framing

17th October Introduction to using Lime

15th-19th October Timber Frame Restoration Skills

15th September Natural Building Experience

8th September Heritage Open Barn

1st September Natural Building Experience

23rd August Natural Building Experience

9th August Natural Building Experience

4th August Tree to Timber

2nd August Natural Building Experience

6th July 10-3 Restorative Pruning Plum and Green Gage Trees

4th July Natural Building Experience

28th-30th June Make your own Shave Horse

25th-29th June Advanced Timber Framing 2

15th and 16th June Saw Fest Suffolk video link

30th May 11-3 Off-grid Craft Experience

26th May and 9th June Make your own Greenwood Rung and Post Footstool

10th May Wattle and Daub

2nd May 2-4 Compost Workshop

2nd May Introduction to using Lime
30th April - 4th May
Timber Frame Restoration Skills

27th-28th April Introduction to Green Woodworking (2)

16th - 20th April Roundwood Timber Framing and Shingle Roof Construction

6th-7th April Introduction to Green Woodworking (1)

5th April - 3rd May Timber Frame Practicals

23rd March Restorative Fruit Tree Pruning

20th - 23rd March Advanced Timber Framing

19th March An Introduction to Timber Framing

10th March Spoon Carving

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A classroom in Orchard Barn

Greenwood rung and post footstool with elm bark seat

Green woodworking and traditional building courses at Orchard Barn

women woodworking