Hurdle making course - 2 days

Use the green woodworking skills of riving (controlled splitting), hewing (shaping with an axe), shaving (with a drawknife) and greenwood joinery to make the parts of a modified Suffolk gate hurdle and fit them together. Once used for making temporary enclosures for sheep, these traditional hurdles have now been slimmed down and simplified, morphing into attractive trellises, plant supports and instant fences for the modern garden.

This 2-day course will teach you how to make a simple hurdle which you will be able to take home to use in your own garden. All tools and tuition will be provided, but bring your own tools if you have them. There will be a small extra charge for materials for any hurdles you take home.

Date: 13-14th March 2020

Timing: 9.30-4.00

Tutor: Will Wall

Course Fee





  hand cleft greenwood hurdles