Reinstating this Suffolk Long House

OBee CIC are very excited that planning permission has been passed to reinstatement this 1580 Suffolk Long House adjacent to Orchard Barn.

The top photograph shows the old house in the 1960s before it fell over!

The drawings below show the timber frame that is an exact 'like for like' replica.
Original timbers will be repaired and re-used wherever possible, and local trees are being sourced to use for the rest!

Want to learn traditional carpentry skills on a live project? Students and Volunteers welcome. Timber Framing courses in June will be working on the east elevation. Restoration Skills course in May will be looking at repairing one of the 1580's timbers.

Develop your knowledge, skills and abilities. Get involved with the reinstatement of this important Suffolk building.

Looking for that special birthday or retirement present? Vouchers for courses are available. Email to book a course, buy a voucher or find out about volunteering.

More to follow.
  old house 1960s