Suffolk Saw Fest at Orchard Barn 2018

The off-grid celebration of human-powered saws and sawing

Throughout history wood-sawing was done by hand and it is only relatively recently that the powered saws took over. For example well into the 1950's most tree-felling was carried out with two-man saws.

Over time handsaws were developed into efficient and accurate tools.

A correctly sharpened handsaw cuts both quickly and easily and still has a place especially in group situations as they are quiet and convivial to use and do not need the extensive training and safety equipment required, for example, by chainsaws.

Orchard Barn supports the use of traditional methods and tools so is pleased to host Saw Fest - a celebration of the saw.

The workshops and demonstrations during Saw Fest will showcase handsaws.

Participants can expect to gain an appreciation of the types of saw available and the suitability of each to different tasks. Also, how to recognise a good saw.

The festival is organised over two days with a series of four pre-booked
WORKSHOPS 10am-3pm on Friday 15th June
  1. Make your own bow-saw
  2. Intro to small hand-saw restoration and sharpening
  3. Rip-sawing round timber using hand saws
  4. Make your own folding saw-horse from cleft timber

and FREE TO ATTEND drop-in
10am - 4pm Saturday 16th June

  • 'My Long-Saw Journey' (Learning to Sharpen Raker-Tooth Long Saws the hard way) by Will Wall
  • Sharpening GA-tooth Saws by Simon Lamb
  • My Carpentry Hand-Saw Collection by Wlm Knight
  • Restoring and Sharpening Small Hand-Saws TBC
  • Pit-Sawing: making tie beam for 1580's Long House with William Clement-Smith
  • ReSawces - Saw Info
  • 2-persons Saw Competiton: Best Couple, best Mother/Daughter, best Father/Son
  Saw Fest Suffolk