We run courses in Traditional and Natural Building

Learning from the past how to build a greener future for a healthier environment

As a leading social enterprise we specialise in the delivery of Timber Framing, Roundwood and Shingle roofs, Restoration Skills and Wattle and Daub training.

We are craftspeople dedicated to skills development and a traditional approach that is environmentally sound and people friendly.
At Orchard Barn we are committed to using locally sourced natural materials and teaching you how to create buildings that will still be beautiful and functional in hundreds of years time.

Our portfolio includes timber frame craft rooms, repaired historic timbers, a green oak roof frame, hand-made barn doors, shingle-clad roof, wattle and daub, clay rendered cob walls as well as our home-made greenwood benches.

Come along and get involved in the restoration and reconstruction of Orchard Barn. To date we've taught over 1600 people on this live project.

Our focus for 2016 is the construction of a new craft room - a reconstruction of a 19th century cart lodge. We have just started a Crowd-funding Campaign to help pay for the things that we can't make or barter. If you like what we do and would like to help us do more - please make a PLEDGE. Small, or larger, we appreciate your support.

  Fitting natural shingles at Orchard Barn